Why can't we post pictures on the Forum anymore?

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Why can't we post pictures on the Forum anymore?

#1 Post by g259fsg » Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:00 pm

Just saw the thread on Photobucket. I did use that a while back to get some pictures on a Forum thread, but after a while (probably number of times viewed) they seemed to time out. Bit of pain to use too. A couple of years ago you could upload low-res pictures to the Forum and insert them in the copy. If you try and do that now, it comes back and says the Forum limit for attachments has been exceeded. Is there some way to get old stuff deleted (say after two years), or increase the limit for attachments. I've noticed recent messages rarely have pics, so it I think it is problem for members.

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Re: Why can't we post pictures on the Forum anymore?

#2 Post by 1234dist » Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:34 am

Short answer cost.

Cost of hosting and storing all the images as well as the cost of traffic while people look at said pictures on a forum this size would cost roughly £250pm to host.
Which would obviously hike up your subs costs too and for something not really required as the forum is designed to be run around picture hosting sites and their hotlinking services.

In short, if you are having issues, just post to an online location and when i pop on (which is regular) i'll upload the images to the site as i have just done with pauls Gaydon pics.
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