214 SEi immobiliser / central locking issue + INJECTORS

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214 SEi immobiliser / central locking issue + INJECTORS

#1 Post by Matt214sei » Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:49 pm

Having a few niggles with my car. New to the Rover scene so still in the dark about a few things such I'm hoping someone can help me with.

Firstly immobiliser fob - buttons do not work unless I split the casing and hold my finger across the battery and what I think is the transmitter. (Other silver node on the back of the chip. I've had it inspected and there doesn't appear to be any dry joints, broken solder or cracks. Sometimes the buttons don't work until I have unlocked the car manually with key, in which instance I have to lock it before the unlock button works. Sometimes refuses to play ball whatsoever and the only cure I've found is to disconnect the battery, though on one occasion this didn't work and left me stranded on the supermarket for four hours! Have tried a few methods to bypass the immobiliser, but none of them seem to work, including turning ignition to position 2, d/c battery then reconnect after a while, have also tried entering EKA which again did absolutely nothing.


Secondly the remote central locking doesn't unlock the drivers door, however when unlocked manually by key, all doors unlock as you'd expect.

Third and finally (for now at least!) The car is horrendously over-fuelling. There are no leaks, no issues, car is well looked after and maintained, recently serviced though this made no noticeable difference. The car has been fitted with a complete inlet from a VVC, and I think that it has 1.8 injectors in it. (They're blue ish)

If anyone could help me with ideas or places that I could source parts from, that would be fantastic! Have tried eBay & Rimmers - had no luck in either unfortunately.

Thanks in advance :*laughs*

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Re: 214 SEi immobiliser / central locking issue + INJECTORS

#2 Post by crepello » Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:00 pm

Anything in the driver's door requiring electric power, or generating an electrical signal, will rely on the flex harness between the door and A-pillar.
All there was in my poverty spec example was two wires, for the speaker. The speaker packed up, and the root cause was a fracture of one of these wire cores inside the flex portion of the harness.
Repair was fiddly, and also revealed that the wire insulation had become brittle with age - I could feel it crack if I bent a wire.
I do wish Rover had made the flex a separate assembly with a connector at both ends, or at least put the connector on the A-pillar, instead of on the door. As it is, the flex is integral with the whole main body loom!

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Re: 214 SEi immobiliser / central locking issue + INJECTORS

#3 Post by JOHNDQ » Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:04 pm

In reply to your message mate, just checked the 1.4 in the boot :laughing2 the injectors have a wide black body colour coded light blue at the top. All MEM's 3 cars (as VVC) are coloured completely blue and a thin body

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