Hello all, 1996(N) 416 SLi auto owner in Gloucestershire

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Hello all, 1996(N) 416 SLi auto owner in Gloucestershire

#1 Post by BattlestarRoverica » Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:47 pm

Hello all, I'm Jon in Gloucestershire, joining up here with my beloved 1996(N) 416 SLi (Honda engine/autobox).

I originally bought the car in January 2014 for £450 (about £500 more than it was worth), as I needed a banger and preferred an automatic. Went looking for a Honda Civic and... ended up with one, sort of! It had 38,000-odd miles on the clock and now, in July 2017, over 68,000.

It's been a brilliant car. Despite being bought as a banger and me also procuring a Honda Prelude VTEC last year, I've still kept the Rover.
It's not cosmetically wonderful but pretty solid mechanically. I hope she'll keep going forever and I do what I can to fulfil that!

If/when the engine ever gives up, I intend to have a Honda B16/B18 VTEC installed.

I like the 400's tuning potential... I love the idea of a VTEC-powered 416, a VVC/Trophy 160/VHPD-spec 1.8, or a 420/T16 turbo. What a trio of Q-cars they could be!
Obviously the chassis and braking system would need to be upgraded... I understand that MG ZS120 springs/shocks will go straight on a 400 (or the equivalent Swindon-Civic, as a member of a Civic forum has done and reports great handling improvements).
1996(N) 416 SLi auto owner

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Re: Hello all, 1996(N) 416 SLi auto owner in Gloucestershire

#2 Post by GTiJohn » Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:24 pm


They're all interesting cars and can always keep you busy :D
I like Twin Cams.... and Single Cams

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Re: Hello all, 1996(N) 416 SLi auto owner in Gloucestershire

#3 Post by Mr Teddy Bear » Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:59 pm


Glad that you're enjoying the Rover; that Honda D16 is pretty unbreakable as long as you service it! :D
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