Stone Chip Protector on Sills/Wings

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Stone Chip Protector on Sills/Wings

#1 Post by Julesmat50 » Tue May 15, 2018 8:51 pm

I'm in the process of replacing my rusted wing with a decent s/h replacement and I was cleaning up the minor rust spots on Sunday when I came across the "underseal/stone chip" coating that's under the paint at the bottom of the front wing and it's sparked a couple of questions.
1. Can anyone tell me what this product is?
2. Is it possible to replace it and be able to paint over it again, like originally, as I've had to remove some of it to treat the surface rust?
3.Was this coating on the rest of the underside of the sills as well?
I recently had the sill on one side completely replaced and if it's meant to have a underseal type coating under the paint, then I would want to put this on before going to the time and expense of re-painting the sill. Any advice gratefully received.

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