Rover 600 Seats into R8?

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Re: Rover 600 Seats into R8?

#16 Post by Mr Teddy Bear » Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:13 am

No they don't, a R8 has the rear inner bracket at right angles to the runner and screws into the tunnel. These do not, it may be possible to swop the runners/seat frame and or fabricate the correct bracket for the application, haven't grappled with that one yet. :scared

I believe that the seller was being honest with their description of the seats as being out of a 600, they certainly look like 600 seats. They are also selling a full black leather set with door cards, so don't be tempted!

Later 200/25 front seats will fit the floor, but bear in mind that from 95/96 onwards that they came with pretensioners; first of a mechanical unit and later a electrical one, hopefully they are interchangeable with the early buckles. The latter pretensioner buckles have been 'value engineered' and thus are shot by the 20 year point and are to be avoided imo. They fall to pieces to be precise and are NLA.
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