L-Series XW?

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L-Series XW?

#1 Post by bigrct » Sun May 20, 2012 9:03 pm

Anyone else done one? After getting fed up of putting endless amounts of fuel on my Freelander V6, I'm off to look at a charcoal '95 218sld. I've got a mechanically sound but rusty bubble 200 diesel, so will be performing the swap which will require some inner-wing transplanting but hoping to get it done within the week which should be doable as I have the advantage of a full running donor.

I've bagged myself a full ash half leather interior with door cards for a tenner on ebay, I've got a purple carpet from a late 200iE, will be wanting a charcoal coupe/hump bonnet, I'll also be after a coupe rear plinth (any colour as I'll be filling in the lock hole so will want painting anyway, along with welding up the rear wiper). I've also bought a brand new rear lip spoiler (the small low profile one), and in an attempt to keep it 90's I've got a set of 7.5x17 TSW Imolas' complete with anodised centre cap lock nuts and pins! I was really after a set of 7.5x17 TSW Hockenhiems' but can't find any anywhere. I've also already got a set of mk3 front hubs, and a front a rear set of ZS180 brakes (rears are complete with trailing arms and anti-roll bar). I've also got a shedload of black alcantara left over so I'll be recovering the headlining and pillar trims.

If any body has a set of Koni dampers let me know (the front insert types) as I'll be building some coil-overs for it to get the stance right.

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