Whats it worth?

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Whats it worth?

#1 Post by Warnzee » Sat Oct 27, 2007 7:55 pm

Hey up!

I'm considering selling my GSi and i'd like to know what its worth?

Ive seen them going for pittance on Ebay, but is that a fair reflection? I mean, they're bloody good cars, and an equivalent Gof GTi or Astra would make about 1500 quid.

Theres not rust in it, but there are a couple of dodgy touch-ups where a bit of surface rust had started coming through, at the back of the sill on the passenger side. And also where a couple of marks have been sanded back and touched up.

The engine was replaced about 2-3K ago, with one from a bubble-shape 420 with about 75K on, the car itself has done about 115K.

I've fitted G-Max shocks and springs, and its got 17" alloys, but they're a bit tatty and need a refurb.

Oh yeah and the gearbox is pretty noisey.

I considered doing a turbo conversion, but i'm starting to like the look of the Coupe now, and thought it would be easier to sell up and buy one of them instead.

This isnt an advert, and i dont really want to sell, but the turbo power is so tempting...

Any way, feedback would be really appreciated. Rich. :cool
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#2 Post by Smithy » Sat Oct 27, 2007 8:33 pm

With cars our age the price will mostly reflect the bodywork.

Mint tend to go for £700ish.

Tatty £150 ish.
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