Comfort Vehicle Theft

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Re: Comfort Vehicle Theft

#16 Post by Mr Teddy Bear » Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:10 pm


This reminds me of a story! many moons ago in a previous life when I'd just got married and sold my Humber sceptre with it's 1725 cc rebuild Holbay engine and bought a new Ford Escort Mk111 1.3l :headbanging

Right now you've all stopped laughing; just after we had bought the heep of rubbish [and had the paint curtain resprayed] we parked in the multi story in Beeston Nottm. When we came back half the floor was filled with Blue 3 door Escorts. It was only after sitting in 'our' car for 5 minutes that we worked out that we had unlocked and sat in the wrong car doh! I felt like a car thief :blushing

The cam belt gave up at 38,000 miles on the way to Chesterfield :hang
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Re: Comfort Vehicle Theft

#17 Post by ROVER-25X » Tue May 01, 2018 2:29 am

My 2008 Dis-Astra has keyless and we tried an experiment with the fob when we got it, the Mrs was able to just drive
off without the fob, went at least half a mile then came back, I mean, whats the use in that ?

The car has a FBW throttle and it goes nuts at you if it can't detect the fob, happend quite often even when it is in the
car so when it can't detect it why cant the car stop the signal from the pedle to the fuel system and just not let the car
move ?

Its all electronic and simple enough, saying that my Cabby has a kill switch/stealth start so even with an IR device or
even the keys they will struggle to rob it.
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