Double TT 600ml £5.50 POSTED !

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Double TT 600ml £5.50 POSTED !

#1 Post by ROVER-25X » Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:31 pm

I was after a fresh can on Double TT so went on the hunt for a bargain, I found it was either
too pricey or not available in most main brand motorfactors so I had a look online and came
across the biggest can which is a 600ml jobby for only £5.50 posted, there giving it away at
that price so I got myself one, I would get two but I did that with WD-40 in the past and the
second one had no pressure when I came to use it.

Not sure what Double TT is ? :blink

Basically its WD-40 but I find it works better for penetrating and general maintenance on
cars, well worth grabbing a can at this price.

LINK: ... D100102%26
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