Rover 216SE Coupe


Year of Manufacture: 1998
Owned by: Mark Gomer
Colour: Tahiti Blue with Smokestone Interior
Options: Front Foglights, Rear Spoiler

Model History

This actual car is the very lightly revised post 96 model, as fitted with the 1.6K-Series and 1.8VVC engine, after production of the T-series was discontinued. Changes that were made were limited to just a revised interior, including dashboards and seats, as well as a new style of 5-spoke alloy wheels as an option.

Owners Words

Bought in March 2004 with just 53k on the clock and in completely standard trim. This car was almost bought by accident, here is the story. The garage next door to where I bought the Rover was a Japanese import specialist and I was originally after a Mazda MX-3 V6, after 2 months of continuously being messed around I had had enough. Still annoyed after leaving the showroom I went next door and my mother pointed the Rover out to me, I've always quite liked them so I thought I'd have a sit in it. I was given free reign to take it for a test drive and in them 10 minutes I decided it was what I wanted. Since buying the car I've slowly and gradually been upgrading and changing parts to make it unique but subtle. The main aim of the modifying is to make it slightly different but for people to see that it is still a Rover Coupe so that they spend longer looking at the little touches as to where the changes lie.

Rover 216SE Coupe