Rover 214 SEi


Year of Manufacture:1995

Owned by: Paul Fixter

Colour: Silver with Black Half Leather Interior

Options: Electric Sunroof

Owners Words

This is my second Rover 214SEi - a replacement for my tired 90,000 mile 1994 British Racing Green example. I found "iPod" on eBay in August 2005 with only 28k on the clock and full service history. The car originates from Newton Abbot in Devon, but I purchased it from Harrogate after the original owner moved to North Yorkshire in 1998. The car proved to be in excellent condition apart from one rusty door which I have since had professionally repaired. It had already had the head gasket replaced, a weak spot on K-series engines and an expensive repair - known to my cost from my previous SEi. A deal was struck for £775, a bargain considering the HG replacement had cost over £400 a few months previously. It is my daily driver and now has 44,000 on the clock but is serviced regularly, including 6 monthly oil and filter changes, and has proved to be extremely reliable, apart from having the rotor arm replaced in the first fortnight of ownership due to starting problems. Future plans for the vehicle are really just to keep it in tip top condition, to purchase a new front bumper with fog lights and a stainless steel exhaust when it is next due for replacing.

Rover 214 SEi