Committee members are elected from the clubs membership annually at the AGM and are unpaid volunteers who are passionate about their vehicles. If you have a query, suggestion or something to contribute then please contact the relevant committee member.

To email a committee member then please use the contact form here


Chairperson - John Batchelor

John was heavily involved in the design and development of the R8 Rover 200/400 as he was a member of the Rover team on several of the derivatives from 1986 to 1992. The then led the R3 Chassis Team. His specialities are steering, suspension and braking systems.

He has owned 5 R8s, having also driven several of them as company lease cars, and currently owns a rare R3 200Vi.

He is currently exploring improvements to the parts supply for our club cars.



Secretary - Duncan Billingham

Owner of 4 R8 Rovers since 1993 and still got them all.

Club member since 2014 when I discovered that the 216 GSi I had just acquired was the oldest know surviving R8 216.

Kean and reasonably competent amateur mechanic but rubbish at keeping them shiny.

Best known for baking cakes to bring to the shows.  



Treasurer - Jonathan Living

Jonathan is a software and hardware design engineer by trade.

He purchased his Rover 216GSi from Summit Garage in Dudley in 1995 having realised just how good the R8 model range was.  He kept the car, and it has now been fully restored to look even better than it did in 1995. It has been recently joined by a Phase 2 R8 216SLi .

He's been a fully participating club member since 2013 and as well as his duties as treasurer he's written articles for the club's Viking magazine, prepared content for the website and gathered together technical material for the complete range of cars.  



Membership - Jeremy Howson

Jeremy has been a life long fan of all things BL. Having been brought up in a family that only ever owned BMC-BL cars, he has continued that tradition, having only ever owned cars built at Cowley, Longbridge, or Solihull.    He is not just a fan of the cars as he learnt to drive on Leyland tractors and has driven Leyland coaches. He currently owns two club cars, both R8 214 models including the first car off the production line in 1989.

His wife currently runs one of the last 25 models built, a 2.0TD GSi that she has owned from new. This is the third R3 Diesel she has owned.

Jeremy has a great memory for Rover models, specifications and trims and back in the 1990s represented his local Rover dealership at Rover product knowledge quizzes, getting through to the national final on one occasion.



Events - Paul Vincent

Paul's family owned a Rover dealership until the mid 1990s and his first 'Club' car was a 216 Sprint limited edition in 1988. Since then he has also had a 216 Coupe, several 214s, a 420 GSi Tourer and 420 GSi Turbo before settling in to long term ownership of a rare 220 GSi Turbo 3-door and a 216 SLi that was originally his father's 'retirement car'. He has used Rover 25 diesels as everyday transport since 2006 and there is no sign of that changing anytime soon!

His wife is also a serious Rover enthusiast, currently owning a 216 GTi, 25 GTi and one of the last Streetwise cars off the production line.

Responsible for organising club events to show off our cars, he will be pleased to hear any suggestions for events where a club stand would be welcomed.