CV Boots Help Help Help!!!

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CV Boots Help Help Help!!!

Post by Bean66 »

Hi All

My driveshaft CV boot is leaking grease everywhere so prob split and needs replacing.

Abit of a pain of a job but doable, except!!!

My car is a late Streetwise, so a 2005 1.4 apparently with a Ford IB5 gearbox.

Now i've been looking at vids and reading round and from what i can see the way to do it is to pull the driveshaft out split it and fit the boot.

But and this is the problem.

I assume oil will come out of the gearbox when i pull the driveshaft out. Well simples either drain the oil first or just top it up when its all back together.

But it seems there is no drain plug on the IB5 gearbox (like there is on the other 25 gearboxes) and you can’t just top the oil up from the filler as it doesn’t work like most gearboxes where you just fill until oil stats flowing out. Not sure why but apparently an MGR maint bulletin says so.

I’m sure people on here :scared :scared have done the job so a few questions, is pulling the driveshaft is the way to do this and will much oil come out?

As I’m sure oil will come out how do you put the correct amount back in?

Problem 2 is my MOT is in less than a week so it’s a fail unless I can fix the darn thing.

Cheers Bean
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Re: CV Boots Help Help Help!!!

Post by itcaptainslow »

Drain the gearbox oil by removing the driveshaft and catching the oil - this is what I did when I changed a Focus gearbox oil. However I’m pretty sure from distant memory before VVC’ing my old Streetwise the IB5 in Rover cars have a drain and fill plug.

Refill with the measured capacity of gearbox oil, which from memory (I will need to check when I’m near the service manual) is 2.2 litres.

You might not need to remove the driveshaft from the car, though - I’ve done plenty of CV boots in situ by stripping the suspension back and knocking the CV joint off the shaft with it still fitted to the car.
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Re: CV Boots Help Help Help!!!

Post by StubbornPatriot »

Or you can get one of those stretchy boots and the fitting cone and do the job without having to take the cv off or the driveshaft out. All you need to do is get it clear of the hub. It's a bit messy (as you need to grease the boot for it to slide over the cv, and it's not as good a fit as oem, but it's perfectly acceptable and does the job (anyway, no one's going to know it's not oem). It's a bit of a faff and requires a bit of muscle but totally doable. Unless anyone has a contrary opinion.

If it's just a smallish split in an otherwise non-perished boot you could try cleaning the split and supergluing it. That's worked for me in the past too and would probably do for the MoT.
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Re: CV Boots Help Help Help!!!

Post by RoverRevival »

Honestly, just a let a garage do this job. they'll use something like this

and its done in 1.5hrs with no damage to the shaft and no need to drop the gearbox oil, no damage to the split pins that hold the cv on, no damage to the gearbox seal when trying to refit the shaft.
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Re: CV Boots Help Help Help!!!

Post by Bean66 »

Well that was interesting.

So it all started when I thought I’d get my tracking checked at the local tyre place.
It was a little out so I said yep crack on and adjust it, they raised the ramp to do the adjustment and called me over, lots of grease everywhere, oh dear seems both CV boots have failed.

I limped back home and popped my post on here and ordered new boot kits.

But when I got round to actually doing the job the boots were not split or damaged but the boot clamp rings had failed, both of them, which seemed odd. They’d clearly been on for ages and had passed the MOT a year before.

So I just replaced the boot clamps and degreased everything hoping all would be ok, after all I’d rather not pull the driveshafts out unless I have to.

Well the good news is it passed the MOT with no problems other than advisories for the rear tyres being at about 2mm, so they’ll get changed pretty soon.

But never come across a boot clamp, which is essentially big jubilee clip, failing, let alone two, is it common or were mine just junk ones.

Cheers Bean
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