K Series Cams

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K Series Cams

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Hi All

Doing an Engine swap & the replacement engine is older than the blown one.

It's a 2001 Rover 45 1.6, the replacement is from a 1998 Rover 216, obviously the replacement isn't the Wasted Spark K Series so doesn't have the CPS Lobe.

Question is can I just change the one Cam from the blown engine that has the CPS Lobe, as the replacement is Coil & Dizzy, or do I have to change both as a matched pair ?

The Cams are the same part number, which I know is just the Cast number. The Cam Lift is the same & the Profile is the same, I checked using a good quality 'Mimic' & Digital Vernier Calliper.

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Re: K Series Cams

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Just replace inlet I would polish any marks on the journals surface on the new cam and old hydraulic lifters 2000 wet and dry but wouldn't touch to ally carrier and check the endfloat .
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