Historic Car Tax - E-petition.

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Historic Car Tax - E-petition.

Post by Smithy »

Once upon a time, when a car reached over 25 years old, it would be entitled to free road tax. When the current government came to power in 1997, they scrapped that idea. The cut off date has been stuck at 1/1/1973 ever since.

Anyway, there's now an online petition to get it reinstated, which would be very handy to those of us with older cars.

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Post by LLOYD »

signed this aswell as the one about road pricing
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Post by Stevedx »

All signed!!! :D
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Post by Cemo »

Signed 8)
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Post by derbylad »

all signed :wink:
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Post by matthewsemple »

I signed it too! I have a 1984 car so that could soon be benefitting from the free tax if it had rolled forward as it should have done.
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Re: Historic Car Tax - E-petition.

Post by GTiJohn »

Resurrecting an old thread...

There is a new e-petition to reduce the Tax exemption age for classic cars to 30 years. That's an increasing number of 'our' cars and will only aid the survival rate.

It reads:-
I would like the Government to reduce the tax exemption age for classic cars, from 40 years to 30 years.
Here's the link https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/578294

Thanks to Quentin for brining it to our attention :angel
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Re: Historic Car Tax - E-petition.

Post by 961tat »

All signed up :D
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Re: Historic Car Tax - E-petition.

Post by Plodder »

Signed :thumbup1
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Re: Historic Car Tax - E-petition.

Post by Topcat Tomcat »

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