2.0 L Series Diesel - Fuel Pump

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2.0 L Series Diesel - Fuel Pump

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My 45 cut out at speed (80 plus) for a second then picked up again for about twenty seconds. Again it lurched and then a second later ran fine. If not driven quite so hard, it was fine and got me home (about thirty miles). It did start to do it again when near home on A roads at lower speeds (50mph).

It ran okay locally and I nursed it for a few days until it started to cut out more frequently and a lower engine speed.

I have the following fault codes:

P1335 - Fuel Pump Position Sensor Malfunction
P0216 - Timing Device Position Governing

And now the questions. Is the second fault (P0216) a result of the Sensor (P1335) being knackered....almost like a default setting or is it the other way round in that there is something more terminally wrong which has caused these faults.

I think I am asking do I start with a new Fuel Pump Sensor and see what happens or will changing that not cure the second fault?

And of course, I'll take any other advice or hypothesis you may have. I am looking to have a go at putting it right myself but I wouldn't even class myself as a keen amateur......more a tight fisted chap who doesn't want to scrap the car. Thanks for having a look.

Car is 107k miles, and regularly serviced including new diesel filter about 10K ago.
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