Rover 75 with broken power steering

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Rover 75 with broken power steering

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Hallo everybody,

I used to write a while ago, when I bought my '97 414i.
I still own that car and it is a pleasure to drive.

I need some advise on a Rover 75, so I write in the offtopic area...

Now a friend's friend wants to get rid of a Rover 75 with a broken power steering, and seems to be willing to give it away for free.
I just know it is a one-owner, petrol engine that's been sitting in a yards for a couple years with a broken power steering.
Might get few pictures later this week.

Provided that I will consider the car only if I like what I see - I live in Italy, so no hidden rust issues to expect - should I take the car as a DIY project?
Is a power steering replacement a task I can perform with a handful of handtools and a pair of lifting ramps? I don't have any specific workshop skill.

Thank you all.
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