The 420GSiT has gone...

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Re: The 420GSiT has gone...

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GTiJohn wrote: Sat Jan 20, 2024 2:37 pm Great to see that there's still life in the old dog :laughing2
Its certainly a bit 'ruff' in places John :laughing2

I didn't manage to update this thread last week, but I spent Sunday removing the front suspension. I still need to separate the lower arms from the hubs, but unfortunately my ball joint separator fork died while separating the second track rod end so I need to wait for its replacement to arrive. Fortunately no nasty rust related surprises found at this end of the car. Probably helped by the fact the T-series leaks more oil than the Exxon Valdez!
The ZS180 rims have been rubbing in the front wheel wells on full lock, so I'm going to source some stops to put in the steering rack to marginally reduce the turning circle and prevent a recurrence after the rebuild. I believe rack stops were fitted to the Tomcat racers, so shouldn't been too hard to retrofit something to the rack I hope.

This is the collection of parts removed last weekend.

This morning I resumed work and removed the rear subframe. One of the captive nuts for the anti-rollbar mount has sheared off so that will need a new one welded on, but it's in otherwise very good condition.

This is the steering rack removed from the car ready for a service and installation of some stops.

And this is where I got to at the end of today.

In the last couple of weeks I have sourced an entire rear crossmember to replace the rotting one on the car. I also have rear arch repair panels and complete sills for both sides. Just the panel for the rear seatbelt mount in the arch to source; I suspect I may need to find a scrapper and cut the bit I need out of it.

Next weekend I plan to drop the tank and remove the fuel lines and that should be everything that needs to come off the belly of the car.

Above all, it's a Rover!
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