roll bar bushes

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roll bar bushes

Post by Stef27 »

Has anyone here ever changed the front stabilizer bar silent blocks on a 216 GTI (1991 in my case)?

I'm looking for the right ref but there are several possibilities.

I measured my stab bar at 24mm.
on rimmerbros I find 23 and 25.

I can't find any on autodoc.

on rimmerbros I found SB 24mm, but for rover 400, so I don't know if it can be adapted.

I won't hide the fact that I would like to put something other than rubber, but I don't know which other rover/honda model reference I can go for.

I found everything except these, partly at strongflex.

and another question, can front SBs be mounted at the rear and vice versa, as long as we respect the internal diameter?

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Re: roll bar bushes

Post by Mr Teddy Bear »

My understanding is that the 200 Mk 2 & 400 Mk 1 are identical in the engine bay/front suspension, only the boot length is longer. So they should fit, Either Rimmers or Motoclan should be able to advise.
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Re: roll bar bushes

Post by Montegoman »

As TB says, the front end structure of the R8 200 and 400 are the same but the anti-roll bar thickness varies depending on engine size (weight). The M and T series 2 litre engines are much heavier than the aluminium K series so require thicker anti roll bars.
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