Recovery Trucked

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Recovery Trucked

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Starting this weekend, "RECOVERY TRUCKED"


This is the premier episode of my mental health and general mindset chat for those in the car community at large.

I've felt for a while people want to talk, but also would like to talk more anonymously than perhaps other chat methods allow.

Subjects on the chat will be shaped by those taking part, with nothing off limit and I've set up a dedicated email for people to contact me through to ask for something to be discussed, this gives me time to prepare a few points and responses on complex subjects, so please email TALK@ROBSONROVERREPAIR.COM

I hope some people here talk part, and it will be live at, 1930 hours GMT. Colin

It will literally be me, a webcam, a microphone and time for anyone who wants it.

I can't emphasise how much and how strictly I will be following absolute confidentiality. All emails will be deleted after show, and no real names or locations will be used.

Search "Robson Rover Repair" on YouTube or click the link below
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