The Up side of Lockdown

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Re: The Up side of Lockdown

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If only I had remembered to sorn two cars last night I could have been saving £45.00 this month. :rolleyes

I currently have 4 vehicles taxed and am now the only persons going out in our household to work which is mainly in the van. I am not even allowed ( or would even want to) go to the shops.That is unless I want to move out of the house into the new Caravan I brought off a customer two days ago.

What silly person made that rule you may ask, well it was me and not so silly at all really. With a son that has a lung condition that as off Friday night was changed from low risk to extremely high risk and a 84 year old living with us it makes sense and is in force for at least the next 12 weeks.

Now if the home delivery shopping fails it will be either a case of finding someone that wants to go for a drive in their car ( possible in their Rover) to do some shopping risking their life at Tesco or the likes or moving into the caravan!

Now, who lives near Cambridge and want to go out for a drive so much even if that drive is to the supermarket?
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