216 sd3 carb ?

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216 sd3 carb ?

#1 Post by Liam.d » Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:42 am

Hello all, would someone be so kind to tell me my model number/name on my su carb please as I want to try an source a new/good second hand one cheers

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Re: 216 sd3 carb ?

#2 Post by 220 GSi turbo » Sat Jul 24, 2021 10:51 am

The generic type of your carburettor is probably HIF44, however there are many variants to suit the whole range of engines that these carburettors were used on.

You should be able to find the part number of your existing carburettor: it is stamped on a tag attached to one of the dashpot screws (that's the silver dome sticking up from the carburettor with the black cap on top where you top up with oil occasionally :wink3) A typical example would be FZX1422.

The internal specification of the carburettor is likely to have changed a couple of times through the 216 production run to allow for changes to emissions systems and unleaded petrol etc, but they are probably interchangeable (and that would include carburettors from a 1.6 Maestro or Montego). You just need to be aware that buying a secondhand one may leave you with something no better than the one you already have.

What is wrong with your existing one? Burlen Fuel Systems can supply service and repair kits.
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Re: 216 sd3 carb ?

#3 Post by Liam.d » Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:57 pm

Ahhh thank you, my current one i suspect is bad as it runs lumpy an purges up an down Iv replaced ever rubber vacuum fitment on it to eliminate any leaks. an the choke works when it wants an I can’t get the co to manufacturers spec 1-2 % co it’s running 0.40% which isn’t going to help with its running as way to lean but the carb won’t go any higher without it cutting out so I want to swop the carb just for curiosity really

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Re: 216 sd3 carb ?

#4 Post by Mr Teddy Bear » Mon Jul 26, 2021 10:08 am

Carburation is becoming a lost art to ordinary mortals! :)

I'm not familiar with the later tamper proof S.U's and yours may well be fitted with a auto choke?

Basic carburettor tuning is conducted at tick over with a hot engine or rather at normal operating temp'.

I expect the Haynes will tell you whether the fan needs to have cut in or not, it does for the emissions test. [ make sure the fan works!]

The choke needs to be off!

If you can find the correct tool you can adjust the mixture, again refer to the manual. The main jet & tapered needle have been selected during the design stage to give the correct fuel to air ratio through out the rev range. over time these can wear, also the piston wears inside it's chamber. There is a drop test for the piston assembly, if it falls too quickly it's U/S. The piston & chamber are a matched pair. The other wear point is the throttle spindle where it seats in the carburettor body, these can be rebushed. When worn this creates air leaks.

Adjusting the main jet will either raise the jet towards the piston [weaker mixture] OR turning the other way will lower the jet and richen the mixture.

When the mixture is too weak the engine runs lumpy may pop & bang with flat spots in the rev' range.

A rich mixture hunts, this means the engine revs surge and then drop back down again.

It sounds from your description that your engine is hunting and possibly it's been miss tuned at some point, or the choke is sticking on.
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Re: 216 sd3 carb ?

#5 Post by Liam.d » Mon Jul 26, 2021 8:52 pm

Thanks for the detailed information:) it’s running at 0.40% at idle on my snap on co machine which is far to Lean an yes it is lumpy and slow to Rev also revs do drop an pick up it has the auto choke which the solenoid does move in cold start up but does muck about at times. I’m certain it has a carb problem causing a air leak as I can’t adjust it more than said value with a hot engine an yes fan works. My autodata say the co is to be between 1-2% co an I can’t get it no where near this without it cutting out there’s a mixture screw on the left of the carb and a volume screw which seems like it adjusts the tick over I’m at a loss it’s had every rubber to eliminate air leaks checked the timing it’s had all the service items so I can only assume the carb is faulty or needs stripping an cleaning as it’s been stood a hell of a long time it only has 32k on the clock but before I strip it I’d like a back up carb first so maybe I can make 1 good one out of 2 bad ones

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